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[LAW] : Lulle's Advanced World-Completion Guide

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Important: Looks like there is an issue with the image hosting site at the moment. I will check over the next few days if the images fix themselves, otherwise expect a reupload on another hosting site (probably friday 23/6)
Update: I think the images are back up, if there is still any problem viewing the maps please contact: DeaTHPaladin.4856 ingame!

Welcome to LAW, an advanced (extremely detailed) World Completion guide! This guide was originally created by Lulleh, but is now maintained by Medevac (DeaTHPaladin.4856).

Important! This guide is not made for new players as many parts involves gliding. Some parts even require Advanced Gliding (Mastery) unlocked.

Down below is a shopping list. Start by buying all the items listed in the set quantities. I'd suggest putting them in an Invisible Bag so you don't accidentally sell them.

You should also familiarize yourself with the Table of Contents so you understand the symbols in the guide.

Last but not least, feel free to check the three videos (Bloodtide Coast, Malchor's Leap & Cursed Shore) to avoid any confusion.

Good luck and have fun!

Last Updated: 12/8/2016

Shopping List

20 Caledon Lavender

20 Hylek Armor

34 Crab Meat

20 Seraph Badge

20 Piece of Charr Scrap Metal

34 Cursed Pirate Artifact

13 Pirate Outfit

25 Skritt Artifact

50 Special Root

20 Supplies

20 Volcanic Earth Elemental Core

20 Alpha Inquest Control Key

25 Barracuda Meat



Lion's Arch : Go to your nearest city and enter the Portal.

Hoelbrak : [&BBEEAAA=]

Divinity's Reach : [&BBEEAAA=]

Black Citadel : [&BBEEAAA=]

The Grove : [&BBEEAAA=]

Rata Sum : [&BBEEAAA=]

Wayfarer Foothills : [&BHQBAAA=]

Plains of Ashford : [&BIABAAA=]

Queensdale : [&BO8AAAA=]

Caledon Forest TP : [&BDQBAAA=]

Metrica Province : [&BEAAAAA=]

Brisban Wildlands : [&BEcAAAA=]

Diessa Plateau : [&BHsBAAA=]

Kessex Hills TP : [&BPcAAAA=]

Snowden Drifts : [&BHoBAAA=]

Lornar's Pass : [&BLQAAAA=]

Fields of Ruin TP : [&BCUDAAA=]

Gendarran Fields : [&BBAEAAA=]

Harathi Hinterlands : [&BOQAAAA=]

Bloodtide Coast TP : VIDEO for parkour part - [&BA4EAAA=]

Blazeridge Steppes : [&BIkBAAA=]

Dredgehaunt Cliffs : [&BI4DAAA=]

Timberline Falls : VIDEO for shortcut part - [&BOUAAAA=]

Iron Marches : [&BAMCAAA=]

Sparkfly Fen : [&BLABAAA=]

Mount Maelstrom TP : [&BM0BAAA=]

Frostgorge Sound : [&BHwBAAA=]

Fireheart Rise TP : [&BHoCAAA=]

Straits of Devastation : [&BM4BAAA=]

Malchor's Leap : VIDEO for parkour part - [&BPsCAAA=]

Cursed Shore : VIDEO for parkour part - [&BKcCAAA=]

Southsun Cove : [&BBEEAAA=]

Useful Tips

  • If you have a lot of Proof of Heroics to spend in WvW, it's suggested to do so.
  • Executioner Axe Toy is very nice for movement (Hold skill 2).
  • Weapon-swap works to cancel cast while Interacting with Quest items. Sheathing the weapon works too!
  • White Mantle Portal Device from Xera may come in handy. I don't know where but just a thought that hit me.

Further optimizing for SpeedRuns
For those who want to optimize Swiftness uptime and character movement.

Recommended Weapons, Skills & Traits - per Class

Weapons: Dagger (3,F1)/Dagger (4,5,F3) - Scepter/Focus - Staff (4,F1)(4,F3)
Skills: "Eye of the Storm!" (Utility), Lightning Flash (Utility), Mist Form (Utility), Glyph of Elementals (Elite)
Traits: Gale Song (Tempest)
Note: Glyph of Elementals does not give Swiftness or movement but if used in Earth attunement.

Weapons: Rifle (5)
Skills: Tool Kit (Utility), Rocket Boots (Utility), Slick Shoes (Utility), Superspeed (Slick Shoes F1), Elixir Gun (4) (Utility)
Traits: Streamlined Kits (Tools)
Note: You can swap Utilities on the go to make use of all the Leaps and Speeds.

Weapons: Greatsword (3) - Staff (3) - Sword (2)
Skills: Judge's Intervention (Utility), "Retreat!" (Utility), "Save Yourselves!" (Utility)

Weapons: Staff (2,5) - Sword/Focus (4)
Skills: Blink (Utility), Signet of Inspiration (Utility)
Note: "About Face" can be bound and used in combination with Phase Retreat for an extra movement boost.

Weapons: Scepter/Dagger, Scepter/Warhorn (5)
Skills: Death's Charge (Reaper 2), Signet of Locust (Utility), Spectral Walk (Utility), Flesh Worm (Utility)

Weapons: Greatsword (3) - Staff (3) | If not using Beastmastery: Sword (2)/Warhorn (5)
Skills: Singet of the Hunt (Utility), Singet of the Wild (Utility), Quickening Zephyr (Utility), "Strength of the Pack!". The following two need the Beastmastery Traitline: "Sick Em!", "Protect Me!"
Traits: Resounding Timbre (Beastmastery), Two-Handed Training (Beastmastery), Natural Stride (Druid)

Weapons: Sword/Axe (4) - Staff (5)
Stances: Shiro & Dragon
Skills: Phase Traversal (Shiro:Utility), Impossible Odds (Shiro:Utility), Facet of Elements (Dragon:Utility), Riposting Shadows (Shiro:Utility)
Notes: "About Face" can be bound and used in combination with Riposting Shadows for an extra movement boost.

Weapons: Dagger (3)/Pistol - Shortbow (5)
Skills: Steal (F1), Signet of Agility (Utility) / Infiltrator Signet (Utility) / Shadowstep (Utility) / Withdraw (Healing)
Traits: Dash (Daredevil)
Note: "About Face" can be bound and used in combination with Withdraw for an extra movement boost. Signet of Shadows (Utility) can be used in the place of Signet of Agility (Utility) if you're not using Runes of Speed.

Weapons: Greatsword (3,5) - Sword (2)/Warhorn (4)
Skills: Bulls Charge (Utility), Sundering Leap (Utility), Balanced Stance (Utility), Signet of Rage (Elite)
Traits: Warrior's Sprint (Discipline)

Optimal Gear, Food, Runes & Sigils.

This part may not be for everyone but for those who want to do it, here it goes.

I've decided to craft full Exotic Armor + Weapons for my alts and level them from 1-80. This is not optimal compared to leveling with Tomes & using Ascended Gear (and also really expensive) but as I'm still quite new to the game and want to craft all Legendaries, I will need every little Spirit Shard I can get. It's also good in learning new classes.

Food and Utilitys are awesome, especially while leveling thanks to the Exp bonus, but also the added Power.

Level 1: Moa Haunch / Rough Sharpening Stone
Level 10 / 15: Spicy Meat Kabob / Simple Sharpening Stone
Level 25 / 30: Pepper Steak Dinner / Standard Sharpening Stone
Level 40 / 45: Sesame Roasted Dinner / Quality Sharpening Stone
Level 55 / 60: Plate of Coriander Cruster Meat Dinner / Hardened Sharpening Stone
Level 75: Plate of Steak and Asparagus Dinner

These are my choices of Runes. Keep in mind that I use the same gear (Light/Medium/Heavy) on all my characters that I level up, so these may not be optimal per class, but it worked like a charm for me.

Level 1-38: 2/2 Minor Rune of the Mesmer + 2/2 Minor Rune of the Scholar + 2/2 Minor Rune of the Ogre
Level 39-59: 4/4 Major Rune of the Mesmer + 2/4 Major Rune of the Scholar
Level 60: 6/6 Superior Rune of the Pack

Speed / Bloodlust all the way. Levels are the same as above (Runes). I would only change the Sigils to Air / Fire for classes that already have Swiftness (don't forget the Underwater Weapons).

Contact: DeaTHPaladin.4856
Don't hesitate to contact me in-game for questions and/or please do let me know if Anet makes changes that affect this guide. I will keep it updated as long as I play GW2. If you feel like supporting me, I only accept in-game gold. If you really want to send me real life money, I won't accept that. However this website is being paid monthly so if you'd like to donate to keep the site running it would be amazing! This is what keeps the guide up after all (contact me for help with this).
Hope you enjoyed it!


Lulleh - For spending more than 250 hours creating this guide and maintaining it for a good while after!

Mini Balli - For taking the time checking through every single map and pointing out mistakes / errors I had missed, you're the best! <3

Frusen - For letting me know about the Quest items that are purchasable on the TP, a big time saver!

Oopsy Guild - For being awesome!

People of the FB Group: Guild Wars 2 and Expansions - For helping me create the amazing Oopsy Watermark & general feedback!

Heapheaus.5238 - For providing me with a lot of useful info such as Optimal Utility skills per class & Useful Tips.

Everyone else that comes with useful tips helping me improve the guides!
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> 3. September 2016
- Updated Lion's Arch, Hoelbrak, Divinity's Reach, Black Citadel and Rata Sum.

  • Added some Spacers to make it more clear.
  • Tried to clean up some of the mess in Black Citadel (and make it more comperhensive).
  • Changed upload/host-site from [] to [].
  • Added further optimization per Class (thanks to Heapheaus.5238).
  • Added Useful Tips section (thanks to Heapheaus.5238).
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> 7. September 2016

  • Updated Snowden Drifts (thanks to Lizakowa for the tip). The Renown Heart in the left side border can now be completed a lot quicker.
  • Added some more specific info on "About Face" for Thief & Mesmer.
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> 18. September 2016

  • Updated the Class Specific Optimization section with more Weapons, Swiftness & Movement skills/traits (thanks Skyland!).
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> 2. October 2016

  • Updated the Table of Contents.
  • Added Launch Pads (thanks to RandomDragon for pointing it out).
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> 11. October 2016
- Updated Lion's Arch, Hoelbrak, Divinity's Reach, Black Citadel, The Grove, Rata Sum, Wayfarer Foothills, Plains of Ashford, Queensdale and Diessa Plateau.

  • Lion's Arch: Added Launch Pads & 2 Gliding spots, minor Path changes.
  • Hoelbrak: Added a comment, minor polishing.
  • Divinity's Reach: Added a comment, changed the Path slightly minor polish.
  • Black Citadel: Changed the Path on 2 places (around 3rd & 6th WP), Path now end in Imperator's Core.
  • The Grove: Changed the Path slightly, removed a comment, added a POI.
  • Rata Sum: Changed the Path (thanks Mini Balli) (at E -> J).
  • Wayfarer Foothills: Added details to complete the last Heart (Jotun Trading), removed a comment.
  • Plains of Ashford: Minor polish.
  • Queensdale: Changed path slightly (included Windloss Delves to the Quest), minor polish.
  • Diessa Plateau: Minor polish.
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Veteran Raider

> 12. October 2016
- Updated Queensdale and Caledon Forest.

  • Queensdale: Added alternative path at Windloss Delves, in case the event is up (causing a cave-in, blocking the normal Path).
  • Caledon Forest: Changed the Quest Path for 3 quests. The one at TA, the Skritt one and the one around the Island (Fishing nets etc).
Posted Nov 4, 16 · OP
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Veteran Raider

> 13. October 2016
- Updated Metrica Province and Brisban Wildlands.

  • Metrica Province: Changed the Path in the beginning of the map, added the use of another Waypoint (Cuatl Morass -> Michoan Marsh), embedded the Vista into the Quest at Inquest Outer Complex (making it a lot smoother), minor polish, changed a comment.
  • Brisban Wildlands: Minor polish at the first Waypoint in Skrittburgh.
Posted Nov 4, 16 · OP
Lulleh Veteran Raid
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Veteran Raider

> 21. October 2016
- Updated Diessa Plateau, Kessex Hills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar's Pass, Fields of Ruin, Gendarran Fields and Straits of Devastation.

  • Diessa Plateau: Minor polish.
  • Kessex Hills: Now using the Kessex Haven Waypoint after the POI north of Vithan's Arm, minor polish.
  • Snowden Drifts: Added some height to the map to avoid clipping of Molengrad (in the south), minor polish.
  • Lornar's Pass: Added comments at Nentor Valley & Icedevil's Needle, removed a comment and made the path clearer north of Mistriven Gorge, minor polish, made the WP trail shorter at the end of "A".
  • Fields of Ruin: Added/updated some spacers, added a alternative route(& comment) to get into Hunter's Gorge if the door is closed, minor polish.
  • Gendarran Fields: Changed a comment, changed the approach (slightly) to the Pirate Ship HP, added some comments to a easily missed Waypoint and POI(s), added a Gliding spot after the last HP.
  • Straits of Devastation: Added a few comments for some "obscure" POIs (thanks Donari for pointing it out).
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Veteran Raider

> 24. October 2016
- Updated Harathi Hinterlands and Bloodtide Coast.

  • Harathi Hinterlands: Changed a comment in the beginning, added reminders for easy to miss POIs & Vistas, corrected the direction of teleport "A", edited some comments to be more accurate, added some comments (tips) for some Quests, changed some stuff at Seraph's Landing (added 2 comments, removed Gliding points, improved the path), minor polish.
  • Bloodtide Coast: Changed the order of Waypoint destinations before "A" to make it easier to follow, also replaced the Spacers (they look nicer now).
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