Twisted Castle is an event between Keep Construct and Xera. I have written this guide for the purpose of demonstrating that twisted castle is an easy event and people should not be intimidated by the fact that most groups look for an opener or skip it. There is not much to organize, in-fact as long as at least 2 people know what to do, everyone else just needs to follow one of the two people. Below is a written explaination with screenshots and at the bottom is a POV of all the solo buttons in-addition to the run all the way to the end.

Start of TC
Normally the mobs are killed where my character is standing. After the mobs die, EVERYONE go Left side. One person can solo most of the buttons so you can have them split off the group and the rest of the group can jump down. If you want to see how to solo it, check the video POV down below.
Solo person:

Usually anyone that knows what they’re doing, but an easy profession for this is Elementalist or a warrior. On an ele take lightning flash, signet of air, glyph of storms and Firey Greatsword. Do not need any special traits. Make sure you have Dagger off hand, main hand doesn't matter but dagger works quite well.
If you are a Warrior, you can use the sword 2 leap and bulls charge to travel faster and fear me to ward the statues away.

Note that if you are an edgy edgy edge lord you can also dodge jump as a thief off the edge for that first button with the dash jump and stealth through the rest of the encounter.

After going left side door you will go through another door which leads you to a pack of mobs. after killing them there are two doors
Before you head to the left where you will activate the fountain solo button you will ride the lightning to get a button that is usually only accessed from the right door at the beginning. (the first screenshot)




After getting the button you will get teleported by the statue in front of you which will port you back to the beginning. Go left again until you reach the split doors and go left for the First fountain button. (indicated in screenshot 2)
Take the portal back which will be the door in front. (lit up during the actual event)
It will port you back to the beginning again and you have to go left, then through the door, then go towards the left and right split doors(see screenshot 2 for label) that the rest of the zerg went to.
You will head towards the left door to do the room with 3 statues. Easily avoided with blinks, stuns, knockbacks, fears, cc in general or mobility skills. Just make sure you dodge their hammer throw


After that your job soloing is done. The zerg should be getting the rest. If worst comes to worst you can dodge onto the archway at the left and right split doors and finish the run yourself.


Go follow the solo person until the first pack of mobs, take the door that will lead to another left and right door split, and kill the mobs. Mesmer will place a port and jump down onto the arch down below(the arch my character is standing on in the screenshot).
Once you land or get ported, have 1 teammate watch each statue and have the rest drop down to get two buttons and kill the mobs. The buttons you have to do is one near a fountain that sometimes has mobs next to it and one at the bottom of the stairs

When you are done with the buttons and the mobs. Simply take the door where my character is standing on in the image above and you will be ported near the end. You will have to run past some statues and mobs but with allies together to watch the statues for you. it will be easier. This is also the best place to give your teammates a surprise with well positioned CC.


In the image below there will be a pack of cultists and battle mages. have some reflect ready or stun break as there is a chance they can fear you off. If you are not alone you can let someone else run first to take the fall for you before you resume your journey.


Jump over some rocks and run to the end. Swiftness is nice here.


Note that you can blink up these stairs if competing with someone else, and the door would be closed and not open. Interacting with it will open the doors and finish the event.