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Source: Dulfy (and thanks to all the Oops'lings, especially Medevac who helped create this boss-guide).



Pre-fight assignment
You will need:
- a tank for this fight (the one with most toughness).
- a player to kite the grasping hands underneath the player that the furthest from Deimos*

* for Challenge-mote the kiter will have to be either a healing Tempest or Ventari Revenant, as they somewhat easy can sustain themself and block the bubble-attack. For normal mode a druid is a good alternativ for kiter as well.

The fight is divided into three phases, with most of the action occurring in Phase 2.

Phase 1: Prefight phase before Deimos spawns
Phase 2: Deimos: 100-10%
Phase 3: Last 10% of Deimos

HP: 36 million
Enrage Timer: 12 Minutes

For updated Gear/Traits/Builds, check out qT (QUANTIFY)

Phase 1: Pre-Deimos (Chain phase)
Deimos doesn’t spawn right away. You will need to do a little pre-event to get the boss to spawn.

In the middle of the room is a Shackled Prisoner surrounded by four ghostly chains. Ghosts called Greed (small) and Pride (large) will start spawning from edge of the platform and walks towards the Shackled Prisoner. If they get close to the Shackled Prisoner, they will damage it and can cause the event to fail if the Shackled Prisoner runs out of HP. The main ghost you should be worry about are the Pride ghosts as they can deal quite decent damage if not killed. The goal here is to break the four chains before the ghosts kill the Shackled Prisoner.


To break down the chains, a random person in the raid will get a green circle. This person with the green circle can teleport raid members to an underground area where players can break the chains. Each DPS should be assigned to one of the Demonic Bonds and kill them evenly. Condi classes are best for this as they can stack their condis on the Demonic Bonds. Once one of the Demonic Bonds is killed, everyone that was below get teleported up so you will want to kill them roughly around the same time so you don’t have to repeat the teleport. While killing the Demonic Bonds, a shadow form of Deimos will target random players and slam the ground with a light orange triangular telegraph. Players targeted by this slam need to either move away or dodge at the right time to prevent from getting knocked off the platform and die instantly.

gw2-deimos-guide-2_thumb.jpg gw2-deimos-guide-3_thumb.jpg

Challenge-mote Chain-Phase
In challenge mote it's important that the chain doesn't get destroyed. At best you want it to be at 90 % + health.

Create two teams of two, each consisting of a condi warrior and a dps (preferably the same). Both teams go up and each kills one of the chains, after this they come back down. When the next green circle appears they take it again and each team goes for another chain (make sure to communicate so your chains dies at same time).

Phase 2: Deimos
Deimos will jump down once all four chains on the Shackled Prisoner are broken and start the main fight.

Saul D’Alessio
Saul D’Alessio will spawn as a friendly target after the Shackled Prisoner get free up. He will join the fight against Deimos and spawn domes to protect your raid against the Mind Crush mechanic. He does get damaged by Pride and Greed adds at near the end of the fight so you will need to throw a couple heals up his way near end of the fight to make sure Saul doesn’t die and fail the event.

Challenge mote: You can no longer heal Saul

Deimos’s signature attack is the Annihilate, a 360 degree attack with a large visible telegraph. You will need to time your dodge to dodge exactly when his dual flails hit the ground towards Deimos. Getting hit by this flail will knock you back quite a distance, which can be a certain death if you are near the edge of the platform.


Soul Feast
Similar to the flak mechanic on Sabetha, the furthest person from Deimos will get targeted by this Soul Feast and need to kite it around the platform away from the main raid. This person will periodically get a DoT from Deimos which lasts 5 seconds and they will need to run around to drop the Soul Feast circles on the ground. During these 5 seconds the kiter will drop one AoE on the ground per second.


These AoEs do hurt if you step on them and the kiter will get targeted by Demonic Tears that are in the fight so they will take constant damage. Healing Tempest or Ventari Revenant seems to be best roles for this job. Additionally, if Deimos get hit by the Soul Feast, he will gain a stacking buff called Devourer that increase his damage by 2% per stack.

Demonic Tears
Demonic Tears spawn periodically in the fight area as white circles. If these are not claimed, they will start shooting at members of the raid. This can be extra damage on the Soul Feast kiter. Any raid member can run into it and claim the white circle, giving themselves a debuff and a minor DoT. While this debuff is active the same person cannot claim another Demonic Tear for 60s. The person with the debuff will have a poison skull icon above their head.

gw2-deimos-guide-6_thumb.jpg gw2-deimos-guide-7_thumb.jpg

These Demonic Tears may not seem much at the beginning but near the end of the fight it is crucial to claim these Demonic Tears to prevent extra damage on the raid.

Mind Crush
Mind Crush is a raid wide AoE that can down you instantly. Periodically, Deimos will spin his flails in the air. Saul will spawn a transparent dome in the middle of the room under the Eye of Janthir and tell you to get into it (“Stand in the ward! Quickly!”). You need to get into this dome to negate the attack - but Block skills also work (not invul or evade).

The Soul Feast kiter will also need to get into the dome or use their own blocking skills. This can leave some Soul Feast AoE under the raid so the kiter should try stay at one side of the dome away from rest of the raid. Best option to have a kiter who can provide for himself, so he don't need to go to the dome.

Challenge mote: Saul won’t be there to spawn the dome for you, so you want someone to block the attack. DH with Agis, or chrono's with Well of Precognition works well here. For safety it's good to pop distort 1 sec before the bubble-attack hits (in case something hits you and remove Agis before the bubble-attack).

Green Teleport (75%)
The green circle teleport strikes again at 75%. This time everyone except for the tank and the Soul Feast kiter should get on the green circle to be teleported down below. During this time the Mind Crush mechanic will still occur up top, so the kiter and the tank should beware of this. If the kiter get the green circle, have a backup kiter to stay out and kite.

All the players that got teleported below will need to defeat the Thief version of Saul D’ Alessio. You just need to beat Saul to 50% and everyone will get teleported up. During this fight Saul will have break bars you need to break to prevent him from stealing your boons.


Once the main group get teleported back up, all the Soul Feast circles will move up to Deimos and get removed. You are invulnerable for a few seconds after getting teleported up but you still need to dodge the moving Soul Feast circles. You will need to finish off Saul up top after getting ported up.

Black Circle (60%)
Black circle is the deadliest mechanic on this fight and starts to appear starting at 60%. This mechanic can wipe out your entire raid if not handled properly. The black circle is first telegraphed as an orange circle before appearing as a small black circle. If any raid member step into this black circle, it will expand in size. What usually happens is that this causes a chain reaction that quickly snowballs into a wipe as the black circle will expand to other raid members and so on, until the entire platform is covered in black goo that quickly wipe your entire raid.

gw2-deimos-guide-10_thumb.jpg gw2-deimos-guide-11_thumb.jpg

The black circle always spawns on the location of the second closest person to the boss and there won’t be more than two up at a time as the first one despawns before the third one shows up.

Green Teleport (50%)
There is another green teleport at 50%. Again, the kiter and the tank stay up top and everyone else take the teleport. This time you will encounter the Gambler version of Saul. You get to damage Saul for a short duration before he split into four copies and you need to locate the one holding the Matthias staff. That is the real copy of Saul. Killing it will cause other three clones to disappear.


Once you push Saul to 50%, you will get teleported back up again. You will need to do the same four clone mechanic up top to kill Saul. Be very careful when you are killing Saul to not drop black circles in the middle where the protective dome for the Mind Crush mechanic spawns or otherwise you may get a black circle and the dome at the same time, effectively wiping your raid.

Pride and Greed (40%)
Starting at 40%, Pride and Green ghosts will spawn again and attempt to walk to the the friendly Saul. You will need to make sure Pride ghosts do not reach Saul as they can deal massive damage to him and cause you to fail the fight. Focus your DPS on the Pride ghosts first and use immobilize if necessary to slow them down.


Green Teleport (25%)
The final green teleport occurs at 25%. This time you are fighting the Drunkard version of Saul. This Saul isn’t too different from the 75% Saul but you will need to break his bar quickly as he teleport raid members to random locations otherwise. This is especially lethal past 50% as Saul can teleport raid members into the black circle, causing a raid wipe.

Deimos (10%)
Phase 3 of the fight starts once Deimos reaches 10%. There will be a 20s of dialogue and the entire raid will get teleported to the underground chamber. This time Deimos will be inside a wall and has four main attacks

- Soul Feast (kiter should keep kiting Soul Feast)
- Fist slam (this causes knockback)
- Black circles (can still wipe the raid here)
- Demonic Tears

Black circles will still get dropped on the 2nd closest person to Deimos and the Fist slam knockback is proximity based so if you are ranging Deimos from far you should not get hit by the knockbacks. Just be extra careful about the black circle and you should kill Deimos fairly easily.


[Oops] and [ECV] doing challenge Mote
5 x Oopsy, 3 x EVC and 2 x Pugs

Kiter POV

Quick overview of strats for both normal and CM

100 to 75 burnphase
Stay in the middle and do full dps, precoq the bubble attacks and dodge the slams. At 75 % everyone, apart from the kiter and the tank goes up.

75 to 65 burnphase
Stay in the middle and cleave the add, if you get a bubble-attack when the add is alive, make sure to pop distort 1 sec before the bubble hits.

65 to 50 burnphase
Move to the side, opposite of where the kiter is, and make a half circle along the edge, blacks and Demonic Tears will start appearing, so make sure to stack for blacks and run for Tears as they pop up.
At 50 % the green will spawn and everyone apart from the tank and the kiter go up. While people go up, the tank can stay in the middle since the kiter will have the blacks.

50 to 40 burnphase
When people come back, immediately go for the right add and burst him down, and zerk the main add before he splits again.
If a bubble-attack hits during this time make sure to use distort at the last second.
While the add is being killed, use the triangle black strat for tanking as it gets the highest cleave dps on both the add and the boss.

40 to 25 burnphase
Since we have to deal with spirits in this phase and these spirits walk to the middle, put the boss in the middle and have everyone rotate between 4 points in a square around the middle. Players have 10 seconds to do whatever they need to do, and then 5 seconds to stack on the next point for the black.

Having the boss in the middle will guarantee higher dmg on the adds due to cleave and efficient epies. (qT-strat) when we get the green at 25 procent everyone but the kiter, tank, condi druid and 1 dps stay down (You can keep more people down for safety, this would make holding the prides easier and since people can still dps the boss its not so much a waste of time).
While people are up the tank and black kite should side tank to keep the mid clear for returning players later on.

25 to 10 burnphase
When people come back to the platform it is critical to focus the new add, as failing to cc him will port people around, so get him to the middle, side tank the boss, and full focus the main add and cleaving spirits on their way to saul. After this add is dead we will get the boss back in the middle as before, black kite can go to the group and repeat the 4 point qT strat. When we get to 10 procent with 1:30 remaining and 10 people up we win.

Med Art:
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this is beautiful
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So, a few things for chronos:

1. Both Gravity Well and especially the Signet are useless this fight. I take TW, because people don't stack very well post 60% (black patches and all). It's also advisable to swap out Well of Recall for Well of Precog to get a bit of aegis, since that can block both the wide AoE slam attack and the bubble attack.

2. There is also this very cool way of kiting: Notice how all the hands are on the edge of the arena and disappear before they get to the middle.
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Some thing for druid. So the black always lands on the person closest to the boss (except for the tank) So when people get ported up past 60% which is when the black starts spawning, a person (usually druid) stays down to help kite the black stuff away from the middle and the tank moves along the side of the arena in either a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion. They can also heal saul and cc prides while people are being ported.

there is a strategy used only for extremely inexperienced groups or groups with people who absolutely cannot stop touching the black. You can range the boss from the middle while tanking boss on edge of arena. All you need is a black kiter and a flak kiter and the tank to be doing their job. (not recommended though but ive seen it in some inexperienced groups and it works. )
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Strikechains in training
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in Raid-Training
Any particular tips for the Tempest?
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